Australian artist, illustrator and educator Julie Sydenham had the dream of running her own art studio. After working in schools, the idea of teaching in a relaxed and highly creative environment with a commitment to exploring a range of media was her inspiration.

“It was a scary thing to do... give up the stability of teaching to move to a small country town and start up a studio. It all began very small but has now grown in to a substantial business. I walk downstairs to work and I love what I do – I’m still teaching, only now I’m in my own place.”

The studio began as a ceramics studio but quickly incorporated a full range of art and craft activities and now runs ten regular weekly classes as well as a range of workshops.

Since 2000, when HOUSE OF JULES began, she has been regularly painting and creating between her classes. 

See www.juliesydenham.com for more about Jules and her own work.