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Abstract Inks

Video Duration: 31 mins

Estimated time to complete the lesson: 2-3 hours

(pause video as needed to complete steps, but please complete at your own pace)

This tutorial is recommended for adults and children 10+.

Use inks...

  • be guided step by step

  • learn valuable skills 

  • design an attractive composition

  • pick up handy tips 



  • Watercolour paper, 300gsm

  • Inks, 3 or more bright colours

  • Watercolour palette

  • #6 round brush

  • #0 rigger/liner brush

  • Water



REMEMBER – there are no rules, don’t be afraid of experimenting!

These are my tips, to be used as as a guideline for creating this particular work, in conjunction with the video. Pause the video after each step and then complete that stage at your own pace. You can always go back to gain clarification on a particular aspect of the process:

Note: This process is very much about letting loose and experimenting. As you progress through your own work keep the following pointers in mind: 

  • Start towards the centre

  • Allow your work to grow

  • Keep your additions playful

  • Work mainly with your small brush

  • Work in small steps

  • Try new techniques

  • Vary your approach each time you add to your work, keep changing your:

○ Colour
○ Patterning
○ Mark-making
○ Amount of water
○ Brush strokes

  • Connect areas together with small strokes - ‘stitching’

  • Use water to encourage the inks to flow

  • Allow areas to dry before layering over them - once dry the inks are set

  • Turn the paper as needed - try not to put your hand down on the page as you work.


QUESTIONS: Please feel free to send me an email at

Happy Creating!